We created and started this pageant as an opportunity to create an International  kids/Teen Program like many of the other international pageants. 

This pageant is based on searching for beautiful girls (inwardly and outwardly) that are talented, charitable, elegant, successful, ambitious and genuine young ladies in the Scotland. 

Empowering Kids while giving them the opportunity to grow and develop a positive self-image is the focus of Miss Little Scotland pageants by providing opportunities for girls to cultivate their talents and public speaking abilities, we help facilitate self-confidence. Working to offer opportunities, which build life long memories, and providing experiences, which build life long friendships, is one of our goals. Through the promotion of good sportsmanship, we hope to be a guiding force in the development of strong delegates who realize the true beauty, which lies within each of them. A main focus is to teach girls not to define themselves by a crown or talent, but by the inner beauty they all possess.

Junior Miss Scotland is a beauty competition with strong values and firm beliefs. It is not a modeling competition but a competition that has no sizing, no weight or height restrictions or ethnic boundaries. We simply want the girls to be happy about themselves and to enjoy this wonderful experience.